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First Daughter Audrey Rhodes is convinced that living in the White House is like being permanently grounded. Except with better security. What good is having your own bowling alley if you don’t have anyone to play with?
Audrey is ready to give up and spend the next four years totally friendless—until she discovers Alice Roosevelt’s hidden diary and starts asking herself…What Would Alice Do? The former First Daughter’s outrageous antics give Audrey a ton of ideas for having fun...and get her into more trouble than she can handle…

When Audrey Met Alice  • February 2014  978-1-4022-8642-1 • $16.99 • Hardcover

About the Author

Rebecca Behrens grew up in Wisconsin, studied in Chicago, and now lives with her husband in New York City, where she works as a production editor for children’s books. She loves writing and reading about girls full of moxie and places full of history. When Audrey Met Alice is her first book. Visit her online at

Alice Lee Roosevelt was a real person—a fascinating and funny person. It’s not for nothing that her nickname became “The Other Washington Monument.”
So, what would Alice do?

Q: Liven up dull political dinners?

Q: Have fun on a long voyage to Asia?

Q: Spend your first day in the White House?

Q: Find time to get together with friends?

WWAD: Hide a snake in her handbag!

WWAD: Jump fully-clothed into the cruise ship's pool!

WWAD: Slide down the main stairway on tin trays for the First Inauguration of Fun!

WWAD: Create a club called
the Gooey Brotherhood of Slimy Slopers
(with Alice as president, of course!)

To find out more about Alice Roosevelt and the real life events the inspired the journal entries in When Audrey Met Alice, download these bonus materials:



Alice, For Real
A behind-the-scenes look at writing Alice’s diary. What’s true and what’s invented? This annotated edition of the journal entries from When Audrey Met Alice provides readers with an inside look at the sources, quotes and historical events that shaped Alice’s fictional diary.

When Audrey Met Alice Educator's Guide
A Common Core Curriculum aligned educator’s guide for Grades 5 and 6 as well as tips for struggling readers and enrichment for advanced readers.

Women's History Month Lesson Plan
Rebecca Behrens captures Alice’s vivacious spirit, deep curiosity, lively wit, and fierce intelligence in the pages of When Audrey Met Alice. When presented with all the challenges of adolescence, today’s young reader could do a lot worse than asking herself: What Would Alice Do?


Classroom Resources and Bonus Materials

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