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Cast of Recurring Characters

Skye Denison-Boyd
Recently married to police chief Walter Boyd and expecting their first child. Seven years ago, when Skye returned to Scumble River jilted, fired, and broke, she vowed to rebuild her professional reputation as a school psychologist, save some money, and get out of Dodge as fast as she could. Scumble River was too small, too plebian, and too claustrophobic. Skye is related to the vast majority of its three thousand citizens, and they all have an opinion on how she should live her life.

But like so many of her good intentions, things didn’t quite work out the way she planned. Despite her best efforts, Skye was inexplicably drawn into small-town life. She made friends, dated, and got mixed up in her students problems, both in and out of school. And she began to solve murders.

After all, in a small town, who knows more about people’s secrets than the school psychologist? She hears them from the teachers, the students, and the parents. Skye is the only mental health worker for miles, and folks need to talk to someone about their problems. Gossip is the fuel that keeps Scumble River running, and Skye is good at separating the truth from the exaggerations, which is why she works part-time as a psych consultant for the police department.

Chief Wally Boyd
Skye’s new husband. He has been on the Scumble River police force since he was a rookie and is now the chief. Although unknown to anyone in the community except Skye, his family is fabulously wealthy. He was married once before to a woman he didn’t love but for whom he felt sorry. He was relieved when she ran off with another man and freed him from his responsibility for her.

He adores his new wife, Skye, and is over the moon about becoming a father.

Skye’s ornery black cat. She inherited him from her grandma Leofanti.

Charlie Patukas
He owns the Up A Lazy River Motor Court, but more than that, he’s the man behind the curtain. Although he has no official city office, Charlie runs Scumble River. He is Skye’s godfather and treats her like the granddaughter he never had.

May and Jed Denison
Skye’s parents. May works as a part-time emergency dispatcher. May is definitely a helicopter parent, but has a heart of gold. Jed is a farmer and the strong, silent type. He talks more to his dog, Chocolate, than to anyone else, including his wife and children.

Carson Boyd
Wally’s father. He is a Texas oil billionaire who desperately wants his son to move back home and run the family business but has resigned himself to the fact that Wally will never quit the police force. He is super excited about becoming a grandfather.

Frannie Ryan 
Skye’s former student but now friend. She is a senior at the University of Illinois and plans to become an investigative reporter. Her father is a veteran with PSTD and works at the funeral home.

Justin Boward
Another of Skye’s former students and now friends. He is Frannie’s boyfriend and also studying journalism at the University of Illinois. Although a junior, he previously attended a community college so he could take care of his parents. His father has a severe physical disability, and his mother is clinically depressed.

Simon Reid
County coroner and funeral director. When Skye first came back to Scumble River, he and Skye were involved, but his secrets and controlling personality caused them to break up. He is still in love with Skye, but once she married, he began to date Emerald Jones, a dance instructor who specializes in burlesque.

Dante Leofanti
Skye’s uncle, May’s brother, and mayor of Scumble River. Dante is a self-centered jerk and always working on a get-rich-quick scheme. His wife, Olive, owns the town's dance school.

Alma Griggs
An elderly woman who was convinced that Skye was her reincarnated daughter. When she passed away, she left her dilapidated house to Skye, and Mrs. Griggs’s ghost makes her displeasure known whenever Skye does something of which the apparition doesn’t approve.

The Dooziers 
A family of misfits that walk a thin line between legal and illegal. As the comic release in the series, they are always scheming to make a quick buck, and their efforts are always amusing.