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Turning the traditional idea of an alphabet book on its head, P Is for Pterodactyl is perfect for anyone who has ever been stumped by silent letters or confused by absurd homophones. This whimsical, unique book takes silent letter entries like “K is for Knight” a step further with “The noble knight’s knife nicked the knave’s knee.” Lively illustrations provide context clues, and alliterative words help readers navigate text like “A bright white gnat is gnawing on my gnocchi” with ease. Everyone from early learners to grown-up grammarians will love this wacky
     book where “A is for Aisle” but “Y is definitely not for Why.”

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 Raj Haldar & Chris Carpenter  /  Illustrated by Maria Tina Beddia

Better known by his stage name Lushlife, RAJ HALDAR 
is an American rapper, composer, and producer from Philadelphia, PA. This is his first book.

CHRIS CARPENTER is a software developer for a tech startup in New York.

MARIA BEDDIA is a freelance illustrator, muralist, 
and textile designer based in Philadelphia.

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