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The Ninja Librarians
Available Now from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

Just a little story about your average sword-swinging, karate-chopping, crime-fighting ninja librarians…
When Dorrie and her brother Marcus accidentally fall through a portal into Petrarch’s Library, they stumble upon the headquarters of a secret society of ninja librarians on important mission: protect those whose words have gotten them into trouble. Anywhere in the world and at any time in history.

By Jen Swann Downey

978-1-4022-8770-1  •  $16.99  •  9+  • BOOK 1

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Author Jen Swann Downey Is Available for School and Library Visits and Skype Ins!
Contact to inquire.

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The Ninja Librarians CCSS-aligned Educator Guide!

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The Ninja Librarians Mission Activity Kit!

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A Ninja Librarian’s Guide to Petrarch’s Library!

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Size: 600 x 150

Size: 216 x 442

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