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The folks of Troublesome Creek have to scrap for everything—everything except books, that is. Thanks to Roosevelt’s Kentucky Pack Horse Library Project, Troublesome’s got its very own traveling librarian, Cussy Mary Carter. 

Cussy’s not only a book woman, however; she’s also the last of her kind, her skin a shade of blue unlike most anyone else. Not everyone is keen on Cussy’s family or the government’s new book program, and along her treacherous route, Cussy faces doubters at every turn. If Cussy wants to bring the joy of books to the complex and hardscrabble Kentuckians, she’s going to have to confront dangers and prejudice as old as the Appalachias, and suspicion as deep as the holler. 

Inspired by the true blue-skinned people of Kentucky and the brave and dedicated Kentucky Pack Horse library service of the 1930s, The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek is a story of raw courage, fierce strength, and one woman’s belief that books can carry us anywhere—even back home.  

Praise for The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek


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"FASCINATING...impressive storytelling."
RON RASH, New York Times bestselling author

"Emotionally resonant and UNFORGETTABLE." 
JOSHILYN JACKSON, New York Times bestselling author

"A HAUNTINGLY ATMOSPHERIC love letter to the first mobile library." 
SARA GRUEN, New York Times bestselling author

"A TIMELESS and SIGNIFICANT tale about…how books can bring hope and light to even the darkest pocket in history." 
KAREN ABBOTT, New York Times bestselling author

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