This Could Change Everything

All it took was one email to end her relationship, get her kicked out of her apartment, and just about ruin her life. Essie Phillips never meant for her private rant about her boss to be sent to everyone in her address book, but as soon as it goes viral, her life as she knows it is over.

Things only get worse when she gets a new job and her boss is Lucas Brook—the one who caused all the trouble in the first place! But when secrets are revealed and new friends are made, Essie might not have such a hard time adjusting to this new life after all…

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Sheer Mischief

Waking up at 7 a.m. to find her sister waiting at the door wearing a borrowed wedding dress and with a police escort wasn’t how Janey planned to start her Sunday.

Still, life’s never dull when Maxine’s around, and Janey, who’s rebuilding her life, is delighted that her sister’s back in town. So when Maxine sets her sights on glamorous fashion photographer Guy Cassidy, Janey knows there’s no limit to the mischief her sister will make in order to dispatch the competition. Little do they know that the competition is a lot closer to home than they think…

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Miranda's Big Mistake

When Miranda meets Greg at a cocktail party, she couldn’t be happier. He’s gorgeous, funny, and practically perfect. Greg thinks Miranda is great, but he hasn’t told her everything about himself. After all, even the sweetest girl is likely to be put off by a man who’s left his newly pregnant wife. But there’s no way she’ll ever find out…is there?

When Greg inevitably breaks Miranda’s heart, her friend Danny is there to cheer her up, and they quickly wreak unforgettable revenge. Now Miranda’s ready to move on—but will she ever see Danny for the marvelous man he is, or is he going to be relegated to the friend zone for the rest of his life?

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Jill Mansell
With over ten million copies sold, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author JILL MANSELL writes irresistible, funny, poignant, and romantic tales for women in the tradition of Elin Hilderbrand, Mary Kay Andrews, and Nancy Thayer. She lives with her partner and their children in Bristol, England.

Jill Mansell 

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Jill Mansell 

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