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In her picture book debut, Jeanne Blackmore continues her grandfather Roger Duvoisin’s tradition of creating beautiful books for children. Through her poetic and deceptively simple text, Blackmore has created an ideal sleepy time tale:

Coming in September 2012 from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

How Does Sleep Come? by Jeanne C. Blackmore, Pictures by Elizabeth Sayles

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“How does sleep come?” Jacob asked his Mama as he climbed into bed. Jacob’s Mama tucked the covers all around Jacob just so, and then she told him. “Sleep comes quietly. Like a snowfall that blankets a meadow on a dark starry night, and lays down a soft white canvas for rabbits to leave footprints.”

Jacob closed his eyes.
And the snow fell.
And the fog rolled in.
And the clouds drifted.
And the cat purred.
And quietly, silently, softly, peacefully, gently, Jacob fell asleep.

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