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You’re ready for something that’s deeper than the Mariana Trench. You need a book that will bring tears to your eyes and encourage conversation that will carry on long into the night.

Batten down the hatches. This book will make you smile one moment and then pull your heartstrings all the way down to Davy Jones's Locker. Get ready for some fun book club talks that also touch on serious social issues.

Ahoy, mateys! This book will put the wind in your sails and lead you on a gently rolling adventure that will leave you and your friends on the edge of your seats.

Hang on to your buoys! This fun, fearless, flirty book will leave you and your friends laughing as you talk about your favorite scenes and characters.

The Magician's Lie

The Orphan Sky

The Bridal Chair

The Amazing Arden is the most notorious female illusionist of her day, renowned for sawing a man in half. One night, with policeman Virgil Holt in the audience, she swaps her saw for a fire ax. A new trick or an all-too-real murder? When a dead body is discovered, the answer seems clear. But under Holt's interrogation, what Arden’s story reveals is both unbelievable and spellbinding. During one eerie night, Holt must decide whether to turn Arden in or set her free…and it will take all he has to see through the smoke and mirrors.

As a child growing up in 1920s Paris, Ida Chagall copes with her father Marc Chagall’s brilliant artistic mind, overbearing ego, and the tight leash he keeps on her. But as Ida blossoms into a young woman, she begins to glimpse freedom and opportunities for herself. When she falls in love for the first time, her father paints The Bridal Chair as her wedding present, a symbol of his anger that pierces Ida to the heart. Against a backdrop of the Nazi invasion of France, Ida fights for her own survival as an independent young woman while nurturing the dark creative genius of her parents.

In 1979 Azerbaijan, young piano prodigy Leila Badalbeili receives an order from her Communist mentor—to spy on a suspicious music shop. When she meets the shop’s owner, a rebellious young painter, the veneer of the Communist world she once believed in begins to crack. Just as Leila begins to fall in love, she’s discovered by her comrades and forced to make an impossible choice. Set at the crossroads of Turkish, Persian, and Russian cultures as the red banner of Communism bared down and the West beckoned, The Orphan Sky lyrically reveals one woman’s struggle to find her place in the world.

Pieces of My Mother

Whiskey and Charlie

Why would a mother ever abandon her child? And is an abandoned child destined to grow up and make the same mistake? These were some of Melissa Cistaro’s questions after her mother drove off without explanation one summer. Decades later, Melissa finds herself at her dying mother’s bedside with six days to find answers, fearful that she could do the same to her own little girl. Then she discovers a cache of letters her mother wrote but never sent and stumbles on the answers she’d been seeking. Haunting and ultimately uplifting,  Pieces of My Mother is about the choices we make and their repercussions on others.

Whiskey and Charlie may be identical twins, but they are also polar opposites who are incapable of getting along, or even speaking to each other.  But when a freak accident puts Whiskey in a coma and leaves their family in limbo, Charlie is forced to face the fact he may never speak to his brother again.
Whiskey and Charlie is a wise, clever exploration of making mistakes and facing up to them, of sibling rivalry, the damage it can do, and the ways family can make us whole.

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